Gestalt Studios @ the Polar Plant

Gestalt Studios is a hidden gem in a small Wyoming town. Just off a main route to the tourist town of Cody, WY stands a white, half cylinder shaped building.  The old Polar Meat Packing Plant of Powell.  Behind its front door is a total shift from small town America.  The front portion is an art supply wonderland.  Showcasing unique and progressive art products, the staff is happy to let you try before you buy and experience some innovative items.  The walls are high with tracks to hang shows and hidden art desks.  Creativity resonates through the walls and the repurposed materials from the old plant.  Erin, the owner,  is a little beam of proud passion and kindness in her space.  The entire staff is constantly creating and trying new things, willing to help and just generally wonderful.  The front alone would be enough to make it one of the coolest places but through a side door lays a huge room with a unique coffee bar that could almost be from an old saloon (where they serve the best cup of coffee, no joke!) Regularly hosting musicians and open jams fills the space with even more magic.  I had no idea what to expect showing here and I'm so thankful I was given the opportunity.  I'll be making lots more trips for coffee, creative inspiration and to spend time with some exceptional people!