2016 was my first year at the Yellowstone Art Museums Summerfair! What a weekend! I had a great time and met so many great people, I'm ready for next year. 

My mother has told me the first year I attended was actually a shortly before my official arrival into the world, maybe that's how I got my initial love and appreciation for the event.  She took my sister and I every year and I remember feeling this huge sense of admiration for all of the artists and crafters.  I was also very intimidated, as a lot of artists know, confidence is a hard part of becoming who we are as creaters.  I never really imagined one day I could be that artist sitting in a booth showing my artwork to the wonderful patrons of Summerfair. 

Well I did it, I was an artist at Summerfair.  I'm still intimidated, but I've found a new sense of pride in myself and my work and feel those feelings starting to dissipate.  They'll pop up again at the next show or event as they always do but I'm finding strength in them instead of letting them take over.  Everyone starts somewhere and I'm thankful for my journey so far and am looking forward to seeing how things go from here on out!

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