Montana Love!

One of the great places I show my art is Heartstings Gallery in Billings, MT. It's owned by an awesome local artist with a musician husband. They're heavily involved in the music and art scene here in town, frequently hosting events trying to boost the creative people in Billings.  Billings has quarterly art walks involving roughly 30 galleries and businesses  in the downtown area. It's a fun evening full of drinks, snacks and great art.  Each Artwalk Heartstings tries to do a community project and show. This one is the Montana Love project.  They ordered these blank Montana boards and sold them to anyone who wanted to decorate one, no rules just fun. Everyone is to bring them back where they'll be showcased during the Artwalk.  If the creator wishes to sell them they can or take it home after the event to have as a fun new bit of decor! I chose to do the Bitterroot Mountains and a hay field, one of my favorite views right outside of town.  I love spending time in Red Lodge and the Bitterroots and tried to share that with this little piece! To see it in person and maybe take it home with you make sure to hit up Heartstrings on August 7th for the Artwalk!

Lee WalkerComment