Crafty Night!

I've been on the hunt for months for some sort of artist's purse for myself. I've found a few people I knew I could make a custom order with and found one, yes only one very elaborate beaded purse by Mary Frances.  After some fumbling around craft stores on an afternoon outing with my sister I decided some leather, 34g wire, E6000 glue, an ocean of beads and a nice black purse would be the pieces to solve my purse conundrum.  I made dinner and sat on the floor in the living room with my fiance on the couch, hockey on the TV and the intention of spending a few days on this project. When I adhered the last bead it was nearing 10 o'clock, rather late for the girl who works at 5am, I breathed a sigh of glue filled relief and joy.  Though our coffee table is covered in array of tiny beads and scraps of leather and wire trimmings I am beyond pleased with my new bag and a night well spent creating!

Lee WalkerComment